Send “Hey there” to pin my character against the wall and kiss them.

Told myself I would do replies but definitely tomorrow.

Sep 13
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Replies tonight!


:OOO can we ????

Yes, of course! Is there anything in particular that you wanted to do? 


I love the way the-untempered-prism pairs the Eleventh Doctor with Rose. I always picture him with River, but it’s cool to remember how Rose will always hold a place in his hearts :)



and then then then i told you that i was shehowls or  shewhohowls or we & you had complimented me on that account

Omg yes because you were (and still are, obviously) such an amazing Rose and I wanted to rp with you! That was before I even knew what an indie blog was lol, I just assumed I could rp with anyone.



omg bby i still remember how we MET. I STILL REMEMBER. 

I just remember that you were on a M!A and made a starter and I was like ‘okay!’ oh oh oh I also remember your old theme (IDK HOW OR WHY) and the musicccccc.

You are literally the best.

{ loop the looping ;


[ —-;   A slow kinda sheepish grin has crept it’s way onto

              the face in front of her;; & oddly enough Rose
              wonders how on earth he can be in her own 
              body & that smile can still make  her wanna smack
              him upside the head. S’a talent. An absolutely
              infuriating talent.


               ❝ — — hold on;; … so you don’t know what
                          caused this? Doctor what’s your definition
                          ov’ ‘under control? Cos I’ve got a hell ov’a
                          feelin’ ours ain’t gonna match up.   ❞

                 She freezes when he goes on to explain the next 
                 part, her mouth slightly agape as she listens & 
                 soon enough her pulse is so very fast & so very
                 heavy that she can feel both her hearts pounding
                 in her— hang on, B O T H? Oh, here comes that
                 urge to pass out again.


        ❝ — & oi,my senses ain’t that bad. S’better than
             having two hearts rattling off in your chest. I
            mean what’d you need two for?
            — & s'inside my mind? Doctor. Fix. This. Now. &

Oh, boy. Did he speak too fast for her? The Doctor was more than sure that he simplified things for her, she already had enough on her mind. He waited patiently for her to speak up again, even tucking a piece of that blonde hair behind his ear. This was definitely going to take some time getting used to.

“Your senses are terrible, Rose. Also,” He paused and shifted on his heels a bit, even taking the time to bend down and back up. “One leg is larger than the other by almost an inch, which means your balance has been off since…well, I’m guessing puberty.”

Perhaps even longer. It only amazed him how she was so quick on her feet. Then again, she was used to being unbalanced…let’s just see how she handles being in his body.

"Oi! My double hearts are normal compared to this sloppy one heart. Perhaps if you actually listened to me and calm down, you wouldn’t be feeling all that rattling. It’s a simple body switch and you’re acting as if this the end of the bloody world.”


Bright side? What?

   That I get to ignore you
   for 2 weeks now? S’lookin
   pretty bright  to me. ❞


                       [ —-; to be quite honest;; she’d be lucky if
                                   she could ignore him for the next hour.
                                   It was all his soddin’ fault. If he hadn’t
                                   of regenerated into such a puppy face
                                   she’d be able to hold off for much longer.
                                    — nonetheless the people 
aaall the way back
earth could probably here her grumbling. ]

"Ignore me? Why on Earth would you do that? It’s not like I did this to you on purpose, Rose. What you’re doing is just beyond cruel."

[He could just use the TARDIS to go two weeks into the future, though that idea was pushed to the back of his mind. Of course the blonde would notice if he were gone for two more weeks…even if she was ignoring him.]